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  • GatsbyJS
  • TailwindCSS
  • Prismic

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Improving ComplYant's platform

Like many early-stage SaaS companies, the ComplYant platform had been built as an MVP to address a problem. Their product helps small to medium businesses stay on top of their tax obligations and avoid fines.

A few years down the road, they realised that the platform had some usability issues that could only be completely solved through a full redesign. They weren’t only looking for a new coat of paint. They wanted the app to be easier to use and a more consistent experience for users.

They had also hit some issues with their website and wanted their app and site to be designed under the same branding.

While the team had a grasp on the issues affecting the app, they didn’t have the requirements written out of what they wanted to achieve.

ComplYant landing page screenshot

Our first step to implementation

Our first step was to document the requirements based on the existing design, and gather any other wishlist items. These requirements were written up as user stories and built into Jira.

Next, we laid the groups of functionality out in Figma and started rebuilding the UI. Each user flow was reviewed to achieve the best experience for the user. Our goal was to simplify the user onboarding process and create a new way of displaying upcoming tax obligations.

With the application design completed, we proceeded to redesign the website. This followed a similar series of steps. The requirements were built into Jira and the design was created in Figma.

The previous website had been built on WordPress and the Complyant team were keen to unlock greater performance from a different framework. To achieve this requirement we implemented Gatsby and configured Prismic to manage the site’s content.

The website features around 20 pages, a handful of landing pages, a blog with multiple content filters, contact forms, analytics, and a custom tax-calculation page.

Complyant pricing page design

Prismic and headless CMS’s have issues

Prismic doesn’t provide a real staging environment for users, not on the pro plan ($500/month). It also doesn’t facilitate any simple way to split test content changes.

The integration with Gatsby is OK but there are a number of small issues that can only be resolved by the Prismic team since it isn’t an open-source platform.

Gatsby is an excellent framework for building websites, but the unique issues that arise when pairing it with headless content management systems make for a frustrating experience.

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